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Massive reef clean up at Gili Air


The weekly beach and reef clean up was a massive success. The divemaster trainees organized one of the biggest ones in the history of Oceans 5. For the reef clean up 21 divers showed up and for the beach clean up 4 people.

At 4 oclock in the afternoon the preparations started, the bags, the gloves, the equipment, the team, and the briefing plus explantion about what to take and not.

The divemaster trainees made a brilliant briefing on a whiteboard, and explained everything clearly. All had to wait to jump in the water after the last boat arrived in the harbor of Gili Air, the islandhopper. When the islandhopper arrived all teams when 1 by 1 in the water with their guide.

The result was amazing 16 bags full of rubbish. And honestly there is more work to do. That's why Oceans 5 is do the clean up as a weekly event. It is free and everyone can join, divers as non divers.

If you like to join or find more information about the clean up, write an email to

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