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Dolphin Rescue by Keller Laros from Jack's Diving Locker


Keller Laros, a.k.a. Manta Man had an experience with a wild bottlenose dolphin on the Manta Ray Night Dive in Kona, Hawaii in January of this year.  Laros is a PADI Professional Dive Instructor with over 10,000 logged dives.  He's been a part of the team at Jack's Diving Locker for over 22 years and this was one the most memorable dive experiences that he's ever had.

Laros recalls, "The dolphin slowly swam among the mantas and divers passing very close to everyone. I noticed it had a small fishing hook and line on and wrapped around it's left pectoral fin.  I said "come here" and signaled it with my finger.  It swam over and I was able to remove the hook and line using the sheers on my knife to cut the line and I unwrapped it. Then the dolphin swam away.  I guess the dolphin knew that divers could help.  Gotta love opposable thumb and fingers!"

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