Debris, Dives & Lessons from a 3 Yr Old

Last Saturday a group of us from PADI and Project AWARE took part in the first ever Dive Against Debris event in Asia Pacific at Shelley Beach, NSW, Australia. I took along my daughter - not because i wanted too - but because she is fascinated with anything that involves scuba.

Debris, Dives & Lessons from a 3 Yr Old

It was a pretty chilly wintry day but our Project AWARE Governor, Tony Fontes inspired the dive team to boot up, zip up and take on the debris challenge ahead.

With the water at 20 degrees Seren demanded she put her little wetsuit on and off we set into the water so she could be part of the action!

It was incredible to see, that even in this aquatic reserve, amongst the reported sightings of a turtle, dusky sharks and giant cuttlefish, the divers pulled out broken glass, fishing line and other debris items.

I explained to Seren what Dive Against Debris was all about, our reasons for doing this and how we can all help. After seeing the rubbish collected by the divers, she wanted to pick up all the bits of rubbish lying on the beach - from straws to cigarette butts - if there was rubbish she was going to find it!

Even a three year old understands that trash has no place under the ocean or on the beach. In her mind it's simple - rubbish belongs in the bin not on the floor.


That's cos she's REALLY

That's cos she's REALLY clever!

5 years ago

Great work Jo and the team!

Great work Jo and the team! It's amazing that Seren understands at 3 years old how important Dive Against Debris dives are and what a difference picking up rubbish has to our ocean planet!

5 years ago