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Project Aware Debris Clean - Black Rock Beach, Nova Scotia


Unseasonably warm temperatures above water drew an enthusiastic group of divers today. Water temperature was a balmy 39F. A small amount of debris was retrieved from this site much to the pleasant surprise of everyone! The site is located within city limits and most believed more debris would be present. The dive had some very interesting aspects to it, such as whether a large structure was a barge or a wreck. We had several items which divers debated on whether or not to remove; you could see the debate on there faces. A rather large glove that had a large clump of eggs an kelp attached. As well as a seat cushion that had several starfish attached and kelp growing from it. In the end these items were left on the bottom in the interst of not disturbing the growth.

A big thank you to all who attended and look forward to seeing you next month!

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