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Vote now for World’s first Underwater Sharkcam

The GREERG Shark Conservation Project has successfully reached the semi-finals; one of 30 to be chosen out of over 300 projects!

Vote now for World’s first Underwater Sharkcam

The final round of voting for AVIVA Funding has now begun. For this project – the World’s first underwater Sharkcam - to be submitted to the Jury, it has to finish 10th or better amongst the 30 semi-finalists. Only the 10 projects making it to the final will then be eligible to win AVIVA funding. 

Unlike previous rounds, winning projects will be selected by a jury, and not by popular vote. In addition to meeting all of the eligibility criteria, this project is the most original so it has an excellent chance of being selected.

Competition is fierce.

Vote for this project ONCE A DAY until the 16th December.