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clean up day bad bad experience !


i organizsed a clean up day for first time in iran (2005).i was marine biologist working for gov.i decided to give some prizes  to encourage people to participate. it was successful....almost 3or 4 tons debris  collected from sea and beach.when i anounced the winners, 2nd prize winner began complaining and at the end  he attacked to me and ....i was lucky that crowd helped me!.he claimed to be the 1st.the 1st prize was 100$ and the 2nd 50$.1 of  pictures from event also won photo contest.project aware sent me some t shirts and a diving holdall ,but after 1 year when i  asked them about the prize i realized that  they  had been arrested in iran post office  just because they  were sent from usa! and i could never take them.

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