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Net removal


August 27th


Today we went back to where we'd cut the horseshoe crab out of the net. It was all of our's first time helping with a net removal, so the course director, Richard, briefed us on techniques and we discussed everything, deciding to use a lift bag to lift one end to pull it to the surface and then onto the boat.


This time we went to get the net out of the ocean, off the bottom floor. Unfortunately, when we went back, over 3 horseshoe crabs were dead and already hollowed out.


Richard was in charge of the lift bag and we were to free fish, coral, and possibly cut the net if it was too heavy.


Luckily we saved some barrel sponges and someone freed a bannerfish. We got most of the net out but couldn't spend too much time there as it was lying at 30 meters. Hopefully we did some good and more creatures will be safe!


You can search for Dive Downbelow on Facebook to see pictures.

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