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Releasing newly-hatched green turtles


Scuba Junkie on Mabul Island pays the locals 10 ringgit per turtle egg, the equivalent of about 2 months' salary. This is instead of the 1 ringgit per egg they get at market, or, well, breakfast.


They had some hatching last night and we all got to take part in sending them off to the sea! There were 97 eggs, and about 75 made it through to hatching -- a really nice percentage.


We made a semicircle in the sand and took them out of the tub and put them in the sand in fours. A staff member waded into the sea with a flashlight so they would go towards it, as it would be the brightest source of light.


We couldn't use a flash because it would confuse them, but I did get to pick one up out of the tub (with gloves, of course!) and put it on the beach. So neat!

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