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Karachi Scuba Diving Center Achievements in 2013



  Karachi Scuba Diving Center Achievements in 2013


On behalf of the team at KSDC, we wish you all a VERY happy new year!                       

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of KSDC over the last year, without which it wouldn’t have been possible to be where we are today.


Below is a list of the achievements of KSDC in 2013

Our special thanks goes to M/S Arpatech for their continuous support for providing KSDC’s complementary website since 2007 and upgrading it in January 2013 to be able to meet the competitive dive industry.

Karachi Scuba Diving Center

- CNN Shoot 2013 March

Saving Pakistan's Coral Reef By Saima Mohsin on CNN


- Project AWARE's online environmental community working together for ocean protection:

- Coral Reef Destruction 2013, by Rosheen Khan

The tsunami 2004 devastated the coastlines of the Indian Ocean, but in Pakistan the effects of the tsunami were somewhat different.


- Dawn Media Coverage of Scuba diving off the coast of Karachi

Meet Yousuf Ali of the Karachi Scuba Diving Centre (KSDC) and his daughter Rosheen - both teach people how to scuba dive and snorkel in Karachi.

  Pakistan observes International Reef Cleaning Day


- Expo (DAWN) All about Lifestyle 9th 10th Feb 2013

- The Diving Almanac & Book of Records published

The Diving Almanac and Book of Records, France.

- Karachi Scuba Diving Centre Stall promotion of scuba diving May 22 at Emerald Tower, Karachi

Pakistan: 1st female scuba diver follows passion to sport

Asia Today > Homepage > News Video >


- The Mysterious World of Rosheen Khan. A short documentary produced by Black Box Productions, about Rosheen Khan who is a young Pakistani girl who has travelled the journey of success in a distinguished manner. She started travelling the depths of the sea and reached the heights of success.

Jan 1 2014


China | World | Business | Sports | Culture | Sci-Tech | Opinion | Special ReportsCCTV Live    Video    Programs    ScheduleAsia Today > Homepage > News Video > Pakistan: 1st female scuba diver follows passion to sport

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  • scuba diver    scuba diver ▼

KSDC' News One Channel Coverage in December 20th 2013

 PADI- Profesional Association of Diving Instructors Recognition of Yousuf Ali PADI Master Instructor’s completion of 30 years’ PADI membership and dedication to the dive industry showing mystery of underwater world :-)

- Rosheen, completed IDC Staff course from In-depth Dive Collage Phuket

- Coral Reef Cleaning Day, KARACHI: 29th September 2013