Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer

Dear KSDC, s Members,

Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer

This will be our 7th consecutive year of Reef Cleaning of Churna Island.

All month long, KSDC divers around the Karachi are making their dives count for conservation during “Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer”. Why?

To battle the ocean’s silent killer – marine debris – and CO2 solving in ocean water and destroying the life of our crustaceans.

You can help prevent the deaths of thousands of marine animals who eat or get tangled in litter, and carbonated effect making their life miserable by weakening their shell thickness each year. (The major victims are Lobsters, Crab, Shrimps, Mud crab, Barnacles etc)

Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer with a dive buddy or join a KSDC, s event, through out the month of September 2013.

Finally, and most importantly, don't forget to submit your Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer, data and images on KSDC, s Facebook Page through email mentioned below to help drive “Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer”!

Each time you submit your data, you’re telling a story, and collectively, this information will support policy change for the future generation of Pakistan fisheries.

See you underwater this month and thank you for your support!


KSDC-Organizers Team

“Dive against Ocean’s Silent Killer”



would love to join and help

would love to join and help make a change

2 years ago