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Dolphins Love Freedom


Recently Liquid had the opportunity to meet a local Pilipino that has been making an important impact on how locals perceive the ocean. A.G. Sano is a quiet spoken man who is bringing a powerful message throughout the provinces of his home country. A.G. is the founder of Dolphins love Freedom a group that is advocating ocean conservation, especially the protection of dolphins. What makes the group so successful is the medium they choose to deliver their message. A.G. is an artist and has the ability to create fantastic murals featuring all manor of aquatic life. Of course centermost to his murals is dolphins. Inspired by images of dolphin slaughter in such documentaries as The Cove, A.G. took on a commitment to paint 23,000 dolphins in honor the 23,000 slaughtered. The unique aspect of the murals is that they are very much not a one man show. The local community is encouraged to help with the painting. First A.G. will paint the outlines and have others help him to fill in the colors. The process allows the community to have a sense of ownership over the project. While here at Liquid A.G. managed to squeeze in the time to paint a fantastic mural at the entrance to the resort, as well as brightening up the local elementary school with a huge mural. We are very proud to help support local projects like this and are thankful for locals like A.G who are trying to look out for the ocean we all love so much.

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