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Swanage pier dive


4th Sep 2011

Swanage pier dive against debris-pier clean up

Arrived at pier, having over slept, at 2pm, but still managed to get a car parking space, kitted up, and was in the water by 2.30pm! Found a couple of large screws and plastic bags.

Cheese burger and chips for lunch then back in the water for a chilly second dive. I was only wearing a 5 mm semi as I has broken the zip on my shortly that day! The second dive was short and sweet! The abundance of fish under the pier never ceases to amaze! There were large grouper, blennies, and some very large pipe fish. Visibility was about 5 meters so not great, water temperature 18C! Very nice! Although the wind kept up all day which didn't help! overall very happy with my second dive of the year, (the last being a scuba santa at vobster).

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