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A wonderful success


Our Finathon is finally done and it was a great success.  Huge thanks to Lisa Smith, Nancy Grodberg, Haydie Callaghan, Carol Ward, Jamie Graham, Meggie O'Neil, Jim Kenney, Mike Fagan and Michael McCallion for swimming and diving in support of this Finathon.  Our success wouldn't have happened without all of you and you all have my sincerest thanks.  Special thanks go out to our deck support in Laura McGlynn and Mike Merriman and to our cheering section with Jackie Avery, Joe McCallion, Rylee McCallion and Rich Wallace and of course, thanks to the Wayland Community Pool for donation the pool time.  Lastly, I would like to thank all of our wonderful supporters who were so generous in their donations to our event, helping us exceed our Team Fundraising Goal of $2250 by over $1000! And there are still donations rolling in.  Stopping shark finning is an amazing cause and we were all happy to do our part through this event!  Please check out my Gallery for photos from the event.

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