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Why I'm proud of my job as an instructor ...

PADI instructor


unfortunately I have to admit that I do not have time to dive that very much. Every day I stand in the store and assists students to prepare get into the water , the instructors who need help and entertain all those divers who are between 2 dives . I keep track of all logisik and ensures that all are well and having a good time. 


Then when the opportunity is given, I jump in the water.

I love to dive. Loves the silence , the sea, the animals and its contrast with the life above .

It is my life.



These opportunities keeps me going. AND that fact that those divers who comes to my center nearly every day, diving.. I can see the same satisfaction in their eyes..


I love listening to their stories and their experiences from their dives.

See the joy in their eyes. See how they are passionate about the same thing as me.


I have trained many students divers . And the ones I have not trained , I have followed anyway because no one escapes me at this center. = )


The people who discover diving. Those who have never dived before, do a test dive and then go an open water diver course. It changes the lives for many people .


I want to say thanks to you all . Thanks for being there and for that you make my life so wonderful! All divers ... All prospective divers and all former diver.

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