Plastics Labeled as “Hazardous” Might Reduce Ocean Pollution


Plastics Labeled as “Hazardous” Might Reduce Ocean Pollution

This week, National Geographic published an article based on a recent comment piece made by Chelsea Rochman at UC Davis and Mark Anthony Browne at UC Santa Barbara, suggesting that some plastics should be labeled and classified as hazardous. This action would address the increasing problem our planet suffers regarding plastic waste.

“We believe that if countries classified the most harmful plastics as hazardous, their environmental agencies would have the power to restore affected habitats and prevent more dangerous debris from accumulating,” said the authors in a press release.

Adding some facts to the discussion, check below some data regarding plastic bags:

     - The US uses 380 billion plastic bags each year

     - China uses 3 billion plastic bags every day, using 37 billion barrels of oil to produce plastic bags each year

     - Less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled per year

The article generated discussions and not everyone agrees with the scientists’ suggestions, calling the action as extreme and unreasonable. What is your opinion?

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