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Clean-up with the next generation of Koh Tao!


On February 19th, 2014 we headed over to Koh Tao Playskool to help the local children host their own clean-up in the neighboorhood surrounding the school. A few days prior we showed them a video highlighting the jouney of a plastic bag and talked about the problems with plastic bags. It is important that the next generation is aware of problems that the enviornment is facing due to plastic and that we are able to instill 'green' habits, like not using plastic straws or plastic bags.

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Because of saftey issues, we advised the children to help the adult volunteers by pointing out pieces of rubbish. They were allowed to pick up plastic bags and bottles which turned the afternoon into a rubbish treasure hunt!

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After only 30 minutes, we managed to collect over 10 large bags of rubbish! With great help from the students, staff and volunteers, the neighboorhood surrounding the school is looking great. We even caught the eye of people that work in the area; hopefully they will think before mindlessly tossing rubbish on the side of the road.

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