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My guess is you wouldn't be reading this site if you didn't care for the ocean and the environment - but dont you get a little overwhealmed?

Open your Facebook and check your Twitter and its sign this, do that, help here, stop this, share this.  It's easy to tune out!

Well what if there was just a one stop shop? One place to go, one thing to read and MOST IMPORTANTLY one simple, quick and easy suggestion for you to do each day?

There is now!

#RandomActsOfConservation has been created to do all of the above.

Its easy to get involved and join in too.

You can read more and see the first weeks suggestions here...

Join the Facebook Page here... where will post each days suggestion....We welcome you to post your own ideas for inclusion too.

If you're a Tweeter then simply follow the #RandomActsOfConservation  #Hashtag. Join in and tag your own tweets with the #Hashtag too.

SHARE, RE-TWEET AND LIKE and lets work together to get some momentum behind the campaign!

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