Book review for Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians

Last week I read Mark Caney's book Dolphin Way: Rise of the Guardians and it was great!

Dolphin Way is a captivating story about a dolphin named Sky and the novel follows his trials and tribulations while coming of age in a world called Ocean. This heartwarming tale will appeal to both adults and younger readers alike, and will change the way you look at both dolphins and human beings.

Mark has obviously done a load of research and has totally done justice to these intelligent, sophisticated creatures. He has created a culture and society as unique and complex as our own and, as well as being thoroughly entertaining, the book also conveys a strong environmental message. The harrowing depictions of some of the damaging practices we humans employ in our oceans are powerful, especially when seen through the eyes of the dolphins in the novel, and serve to illustrate just how mindless the destruction of our fragile planet has become.

All in all a wonderful book and one that I will highly recommend to everyone!


Great review Meagan! Dolphin

Great review Meagan! Dolphin Way is on my "must-read" book list this summer ... Not sure I can wait to be on holiday to start reading it though ...

4 years ago