Oh my oh my

Well, word is spreading regarding the aqua hair haha I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little anxious about the aqua. After all, the most crazy thing I have ever done with my hair was little bits of dark purple that no one ever noticed.

Well...... there was that one time in junior high when I shaved the back of my head at a friend's house, BUT we'll just chalk that up to temporary insanity, an obvious overload of prepubescent hormones, and piss poor judgement.  

Regardless, I am really excited to do the swim and raise some fundage! My co-worker and I are going to start swimming the pier in Oceanside, CA in the mornings to prepare for the event. He has a goal of $500 and is going to shave sharks into the sides of his head if he reaches it. This prospect makes me happy!  His fundraiser site is finathon.org/mrfixit