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What a great year for Nemes!

We have been extremely busy this year trying to raise money for Project Aware and having lots of fun in the process!  Our events have been very popular and the good weather certainly helped.  The Underwater Easter Egg hunt kicked things off to a good start.  We always incorporate a Dive for Debris into all our trips and its surprising what rubbish we find.  Teaching people about Project Aware with the PADI Project Aware specialties has helped spread the word about the great work the organisation does, this is a brilliant way to get non-divers involved too.  When we had our Clean Up Weekend in September we were so happy to see swimmers, kayakers and non-diving friends and family all joining in with the clean up and enjoying the lovely Hog Roast and BBQ :) 

What a great year for Nemes!

We have now counted up all the donations and money raised from events, raffles and collecting tins and we have smashed last years total. We are very very pleased to announce the total raised is (drum roll please!)... £911  THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE.  The best bit is we had such fun raising the money and have made lots of new friends along the way.  There is a great community spirit when it comes to fund raising and Project Aware is such a fantastic organisation we are proud to have done our bit to help.  Guess what? We will be doing it all again next year and this time we want to raise over £1,000 so we hope you will be able to help us.  If you have any ideas for fund raising activities or would like to donate prizes, money or time please get in touch. We would love you to join us.

Thanks again everyone for your help and support.

Best Wishes Dave & Paula,

Directors, Nemes Diving & Water Sports Academy 


Go Nemes Dive Academy! Thank

Go Nemes Dive Academy!
Thank you and all your volunteers for this amazing achievement in 2013. Your care for the marine environment and actions to protect it are hugely appreciated. Project AWARE is proud to have you as a committed supporter going into 2014.

2 years ago