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Whale Sharks of Santander, Cebu, Philippines.


All over the Philippines there have been a slaughter of both whales and sharks in the past. More and more of these creatures are protected today and monitored by different agencies in the country. The latest of these arguments are the whale sharks ofttract a lot of people coming there looking at the sharks. And this is where the problem start i think! People have no respect sometimes, or poor education regarding the marine environment. People climb, hang on to the sharks instead of giving them space. Impact like this can harm these creatures, look but don't touch, stay away from them a give them space, do not harass them in any way. So let us all come together and spread the word regarding these issues and help the locals understand what exactly they have in their hands today. Tomorrow this could be gone due to the impact of these creatures and that would be sad also. They are so nice to look at so way scare them away!!!

Whale Sharks of Santander, Cebu, Philippines.


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