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Beach cleanup in Menjangan



From December 1st – 3rd the Blue Season Bali internship team went to Menjangan for a 3 day beach cleanup.

After our arrival in the Menjangan Resort and a very generous lunch we cleaned up the area around the small Blue Season dive center. Good to know was that the area around the helicopter pad was still clean after our last cleanup! So we only had to focus on the mangrove area, a very important habitat for juvenile reef fish. On the 2nd and 3rd day of our trip we cleaned up two beaches on Menjangan Island: Pos 1 and the Temple. Especially Pos 1 suffers from a lot of garbage, most likely from Java which is picked up by currents and waves. We spent a good 4 hours cleaning those two beaches. Fortunately we were not alone. Dive shop managers Dan and Claudine, and also some local people joined us. After cleaning up we could wash our hands and feet in the crystal clear waters around the island. 30+ meter visibility, dramatic and steep walls and enormous gorgonian sea fans, what a gift to dive in these waters!

Thanks to Blue Season Bali, the Menjangan, and Blue Season Bali @ The Menjangan for helping us organising this successful event. We’ll hopefully be back soon!

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