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Green Season Beach Cleanups Starting Up


Now that the weather has started to shift on the Andaman Sea side of Thailand, Ocean Divers are getting back into our regular beach cleanups. The beaches are quite clean during the high season due to the off shore wind, but as the Southeast Monsoon weather cycle begins the wind and waves shift. This in turn brings the floating marine debris onto our beaches.

Together Ocean Divers and Hidden Depths Diving organised the cleanup. We used large plastic bins and heavy duty reuseable bags to collect the debris so that we do not create any additional rubbish. All recyclables were kept seperate and taken to the local recycling center and other rubbish to the local dump. All data was collected and submitted to Project Aware.

Our other goal is to get as many people involved as possible and to make it a fun social event for those who live and work on Koh Lanta. In addition to us a few other dive centres where involved and a big thanks to Kon-Tiki Dive Center, Lanta Divers & Ko Lanta Diving Center! About 10-12 tourists who where on the beach in the vicinity of our efforts also joined in as well as the owner of Blue Moon Cafe who helped clean and provided us with free drinking water. After about 2 hours as we finished consolidating and loading the rubbish, we ended our efforts with some cold beers on the beach together!

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