Reef Clean up Gili Air, Gili Islands, 19th July

Yesterday is was clean up day at Oceans 5 dive dive resort gili islands. It means clean up the beach, the oceans and the reefs in front of Oceans 5.

Reef Clean up Gili Air, Gili Islands, 19th July

Oceans 5 is located in the harbor of Gili Air. All the fast boats from Bali are arriving there and that means a lot of tourist leave their garbage behind and that dissapear in the ocean.

Oceans 5 organises every week a clean up, cuz the reef in front of the resort is a brilliant reef to see all kind of things, like seahorses, pipefish, nudis, mimic octopus and mandarin fish. Also Oceans 5 likes to make more people aware how important the oceans are for our planet.

This time 7 people joined the clean up and the result was 6 bags full of rubbish.

Oceans 5 like to thank every one who joined and for who wants to join : or come into our shop on Gili Air, Gili Islands.