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Clean Up Sha'ab Tamer - Taba, South Sinai



Thanks to the team who helped the reef clean on Sha'ab Tamer yesterday - Waterworld staff, staff and divers from Surrey Dive Centre, and holidaying divers. 9 sacks totalling76kg of debris were collected by the buddy teams, making the clean up a great success. At least one more trip will be arranged before the end of September. Thanks again to all involved...

David Armstrong, Andy Auckland (Waterworld), Tracey Auckland (Waterworld), Michael Bailey, YoumnaChaoul (Waterworld), Adrian Glen, Rudi Hullebroeck, RhianonMcGeoch, AfrozaRahman, AdilurRahman, MahmouReda (Waterworld), Matt Reston (Waterworld), Jack Samaha (Waterworld), Sue Talbot (Surrey Dive Centre), Vernon Vas (Surrey Dive Centre) 
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