Herds of Dolphins, Turtles Accompanying Dead Sperm Whale Sinking

This is a rough translation from a local news source (original link: http://news.detik.com/read/2012/08/02/101653/1981113/10/20-lumba-lumba-m...

Jakarta, The sinking of baby sperm whale carcass at the Kotok Island, Thousand Islands, continues. About 20 dolphins accompanies the procession.

"It happened yesterday afternoon, when we are working all of a sudden there was a herd of dolphins that came," said Ardiyansyah, founder of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) which was on the scene, told AFP on Thursday (02/08/2012).

The man who is familiarly called as Ade says, the number of dolphins that appeared were about 20 heads. These dolphins appear when a team of JAAN activists were going to insert an iron pipe into the whale's carcass. Iron pipe was installed in the carcass to remove the gas that built up so this animal could drown.

"Flocks of dolphins were then circled around the whales. In addition to dolphins other marine animals such as turtles also come up," he said.

Previously herds of dolphins were also sighted during the whale's transport from Muara Gembong to the Kotok Island, Monday (30/7). These dolphins swimming at the left and right side of the giant mammals.

Until now, the sinking of the whale is still ongoing. 5 tons of ballast mounted on Wednesday could not drown the animal. The plan is to put additional one ton of weight to sink it.