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Finding Shark - Not Finding Nemo!



As the title said... Finding Shark!   It's nearly impossible now to see sharks at my local diving area of Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta Bay. 15 years ago, we can still see blacktip sharks while diving. Now, it's only in a dream! This is really frustrating... :(   I want to start an effort to 'bring back' sharks to the area... still have no idea how to do it. Was thinking of breeding, but I have no idea of the viability of it. It will be very hard if not impossible.   I need input and idea on how to invite sharks to come back to Kepulauan Seribu... I want my daughter to see them in the actual habitat, swimming freely, not in aquariums... and if there's anybody want to join me in this cause.   Seriously want to do this... it's really breaking my heart to see the sharks vanishing. Please e-mail me with any idea or information regarding this. My e-mail is
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