World Ocean Day 2011

Playas del Coco is a community with many nationalities and cultures, but it is always very easy to find volunteers for a good cause.  Like this weekend when a group of people organized a weekend full of fun and ocean awareness.   On Friday night Carlos Hiller (a local artist) tried to explain the importance of sharks to the local kids and to mission tiburon was very active in this cause as well.  There was a movie about our ocean, entertainment acts of magic tricks and live music,  Saturday the kids were kept busy by painting sea creatures on  barrels which can function as garbage bins for the town.  There was a big beach/ town clean up plus the divers went down to clean the ocean.  The good news is that we did not get too much garbage from the ocean, some divers came up a bit disappointed, but after we explained how our frequent beach clean ups helps to keep the ocean clean,they totally changed their altitude and were just as pleased as everyone else who participated..

World Ocean Day 2011

All in all we had a clean, educative and fun weekend. Thanks to the community of Playas del Coco, Costa Rica.


Nice work Carlos! I had the

Nice work Carlos!
I had the same reaction to Sharkwater.
Something has to be done to get the word out on these beautiful and misunderstood creatures. Kids are a great place to start as it is so much harder to change the minds of adults. Art is the perfect medium to convey the sharks beauty.
Where can I get one of the cool hammerhead tshirts?

5 years ago