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Saving the Sharks


We finished our festival See our Sea and it was a big success, we raised enough money for Mision Tiburon to buy more tags for the bull sharks.   With the organization: See our Sea" we would like to continue to spread awareness tot he people.  Our next project is a bullitin board on the boardwalk by the beach to show people what is happening to the ocean.

During the festival we went to 4 different schools and gave lectures in English and Spanish about the shark situation.  Many kids were shocked and we hope they received the right message!   We also had a benifit dinner which raised alot of money plus the staff and owners of Rich Coast Diving  worked in a local bar for 2 nights to receive 25% of the profit plus tips.

We would like to thank the community of Playas del Coco for their donations for the auctions, their signatures on the "save the shark" sheets and their participation in our event.

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