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We are Water

Jill & Robert's Story

This is the most important thing I have ever done in my life and I need your help. For the first time in history, fresh water has become a finite resource. Many experts agree that, without significant changes in water policy, wars of the 21st century may be fought, not over oil, but for control of clean water. We Are Water is an imaginative, entertaining, and enlightening documentary project, illustrating the fragile relationship between our planet’s endangered fresh water resources, and the ever increasing needs of our expanding population.

As an extreme explorer and technical cave diver I get a unique view inside our planet's circulatory system. We Are Water guides you right into the heart of the planet, swimming through the underground arteries that are the source of all life on earth. From deep underwater caves to the bountiful Great Lakes of my ancestral home, I'll share fantastic expeditions on, above, and inside the planet. To read more....