Dive Against Debris with 9 Ocean Ambassadors cleaning up cost around Sanur

Monthly Dive Against Debris with IDC Candidates.

Dive Against Debris with 9 Ocean Ambassadors cleaning up cost around Sanur

On the 22 January we arranged a Dive against debris together with our IDC candidate so that hopefully they will continue to do the same as soon as they are instructors.

5 minutes into the dive we found a fish net stuck in the reef and partly buried in the sand this became our main focus for most of the dive at first it didn’t seem that big but turned out to be a lot larger than we thought at first. Only 1 third of the fishing net was visible. It turned out that the net was mainly buried in the sand and we cant really just take away what’s visible . with all that led and plastic in the ocean, the next storm would stir up the sand and the net would drift away harm many marine species around Bali.

As always in Sanur we also found a fair amount of diapers people really need to learn how to use trash bins.

Its been a reoccurring problem with loads of food wrappings and diapers and even if we did it 2 a week the result would be the same something that surprised us all was the large fish net.

Big thanks to all participants: Robin Bylun, Minni Vangsgaard, Mohammed, Bryony, Peter, James, Jenny, alison, Pezhman, 


Thanks so much for taking the

Thanks so much for taking the plunge to Dive Against Debris and submitting your data - it's invaluable to building an accurate picture of the underwater marine debris problem!

51 weeks ago