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Stranded whale saved by Scuba Junkie staff and crew on Mabul...


Whale Rescue at Mabul Island Yesterday morning at approx. 9am a Whale had managed to get trapped behind the reef at Mabul Island. The staff at Scuba Junkie, acted very quickly to save the Whale. Life jackets used usually for tourists, where placed underneath the whale in order to allow the whale to float and also to protect it from the coral. Resort manager Carys Fox, who oversaw the rescue of the whale said: ‘ It was like the whale knew that we where trying to save her. She was flapping around in distress in the shallow water but when we arrived she calmed down and let us put the life jackets around her and take her out to deeper water-it was an amazing experience watching her swim off to safety.” From the pictures you can see that the whale has a lot of cuts on her body. However Marine Biologist, Ric Owen assures us that the cuts are all superficial: “The cuts were caused when she was trapped on the shallow reef. All the wounds are ...superficial and should heal very quickly. It was amazing to see all the resort staff, visiting tourists and the local community from Mabul all work together to save this Whales life. It was great team work and she is one very lucky Whale!”

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