Day 7 - Mangrove and The Beach

Day 7 - Mangrove and The Beach

Today I dived Mangrove on the North Coast of Lembongan - a drift dive. The reef there is immaculate and even though I picked up everything I saw I only came back with a few plastic bags and pieces of fishing lines. After I came back and submitted my data online I decided to finish filling my clean up bag on the beach. I managed to pick up 15 plastic bottles, 1 cleaner bottle, 3 food wrappers, 1 piece of rope, 4 glass bottles and 12 caps. The dive today just goes to show how vulnerable the House Reef is to trash on the beach whereas at Mangrove the current sweeps everything way unless it's caught on coral. Unfortunately though anything swept away from Mangrove will also end up on the House Reef.... On a lighter note I saw a banded seasnake today and scorpion fish moray eel and clouds and clouds of beautiful small fish :-) The picture shows all of today's trash - beach and mangrove dive site. 


Great work Sarah -i can't

Great work Sarah -i can't believe how many bottles there are!

5 years ago