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Day 11 - Buyuk (North Nusa Penida)

Day 11 - Buyuk (North Nusa Penida)

Day 11 of my pledge and I went out for a two dive trip today. The first dive was at Buyuk on the North coast of Nusa Penida. Buyuk is an awesome dive site as it is a small harbour which is sheltered from the currents. The only down side is that the trash does accumulate in the shallows here. I had a good scout around before heading out deep and managed to collect 9 plastic bottles, 10 food containers, 1 beverage can, 1 tube of toothpaste (empty!), 7 food wraps and 3 bags. This was all in between 5 and 12 meters before going out and down over the drop off. The second dive at SD was simply stunning - a drift dive in a medium current and as hard as I tried I (happily) could not find a single piece of trash any where!!! I saw beautiful moray eels, GT's, schooling batfish, reef octopus and lion fish. What a great day!



But were is a flip flop? ;-)

5 years ago