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Day 16 - Almost Done!!


Wow! I can't believe today is the second to last day - only one more day to go. I have to admit that the House Reef is definitely looking better since I started my pledge and so I'm feeling quite proud about that! Today I went out and took two clean up bags with and it would appear that flip flops are back! I picked up 3 flip flops plus a cut-down Wellington boot, 8 plastic bottles, 3 small glass bottles, 1 piece of rope, 3 caps, 4 aluminum drinks cans, 15 food pots and 4 food wrappers. The reef has started to get a covering of green algae growing over it which is really worrying though - I've no idea where it comes from but I'm almost hoping for a big swell now to wash it all out..... Only one more day to go!!!!

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