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My First Weekly Eco Blog!!


So here’s my first weekly eco blog about diving around Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida!! This week I dived at the new manta point and was delighted to see a new young manta ray there but was soon disappointed when I noticed it had fishing line attached to its right pectoral fin and trailing down it’s back. The manta was still and alone when I saw it and I tried to approach slowly hoping to be able to cut the wire so it wasn’t trailing – I couldn’t get close enough though and the manta slowly swam out into the blue. Hopefully the fishing line will work itself free – it just goes to show the damage that it can cause :-(

On a brighter note I dived at both Mangrove and SD and both had incredibly good visibility and I didn’t see any trash on either dive. The House Reef has also been good this week – I’ve seen a manta, a huge grouper, lots of juvenile lion fish and a collection of puffer fish out there and I’ve only collected one plastic bottle – let’s hope it stays that way!


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