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Finn visits Bonaire with Action Scuba


Since Finn came to join us in Montreal at the end of October, he has had a busy month. He met with many people in store to tell them about shark conservation, helped us launch our new AWARE Shark Conservation Diver course, and then he took a much needed holiday to Bonaire with the rest of the Action Scuba team.

Like northern scuba divers, Finn realised that although winter diving in the cold Canadian waters can be fun, it can also be fun to head down south and heat up in the tropics. Which is what we at Action Scuba do several times a year.

This most recent trip to Bonaire, we didn't see any sharks (except for Finn!) but he did get to meet severa of the local marine life, including the famous Bonaire sea horses and frog fish.

He also joined us on the dive boat to promote shark conservation and helped educate the divers on our trip and on the boat about the need to protect these beautiful creatures.

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