Finley in Cleanup and Shark Petition

Tuesday 05-06-2011

Finley in Cleanup and Shark Petition
Today was going to be a busy day for Finley. On the second day at Ban's Diving Resort, Finley helped out with a Project AWARE Beach Cleanup and collecting signatures for the Project AWARE Shark petition, and what a success it was!

The plan was to clean Sairee Beach, the largest and most popular beach on Koh Tao. Because of the popularity of this beach a lot of waste is left behind by visitors so it needs to be frequently cleaned. It's great to know that many dive centers and the Save Koh Tao organization are conducting frequent beach cleanups here on Koh Tao and today it was Finley's turn!

During the collection of the signatures to protect the sharks, Finley really showed her power! Everyone loved Finley and wanted to have their picture taken with her. What a great way to talk to people about the situation of Finley's brothers and sisters all around the world and how important it is that we act now.

After a full afternoon the team and Finley collected over 300 signatures and 122 kg of debris

A very successful day for Koh Tao, the Sharks and Finley!

Tomorrow on the agenda is a photo shoot around Koh Tao and then later in the afternoon Finley will be joining a PADI Open Water Course! I think Finley will have no problem with the swim test :)

Marcel van den Berg # 492721


Great work Ban's - love

Great work Ban's - love seeing Finley in action!

4 years ago