My first PADI Open Water Course!

Wednesday 06-07-2011

My first PADI Open Water Course!
Today Finley got a tour around Sairee Village in Koh Tao.... Finley met so many new friends and most of all shark enthusiasts that have been promoting, talking and sharing stories about sharks for many years, now finally Finley got to know the local people, people that care!

Finley visited many places like; Coffee Corner, Sai's Pharmacy, Tzunami Clothing Shop, Chopper's Bar's and Grill, the Noodle stand and Porto Bello Italian Restaurant to spread the word for saving the Sharks!

Finley had to hurry, because at 17:00 she started her first PADI Open Water Course!

Finley met her fellow students, 16 in total with a 12 year old Junior Open Water, and what an orientation it was! After signing all the necessary paperwork, Finley listened to the schedule. On this course there were 4 PADI Instructors, 2 PADI Divemasters and 2 Divemaster Trainee's! This group was Awesome!

Finley talked alot about her perfect swimming skills do, but was excited for what's ahead!

Tomorrow Confined 1 to 5 and then Knowledge development chapter 1, 2 and 3....

Tuesday 07-07-2011

Finley learned a lot, especially wearing a mask, something she has never worn before.....

In the end all students met the performance requirements and also did Finley, yes Mike Holme email me for a survey hehe... The classroom went very smooth and Finley answered most of the questions!

Tomorrow Finley's First Dive 1 and 2 and we have a Special PADI Divemaster to take care of her.....

Follow the update....


Wowza, prolebm solved like it

Wowza, prolebm solved like it never happened.

5 years ago