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Shark apathy & media resistance


Today was a very mixed day of emotions for me. As a cuddly and very cute shark, I have always assumed that everyone just automatically loves me but I found out today that some people are not too keen on myself and Finley.

Katy and Darren have been busy organising their extraordinary event, Fin4finning to raise awareness of the nastiness of shark finning. This morning Katy got a phone call from one of the participants in tomorrows swim who was finding it very difficult to persuade his family, friends and colleagues to sponsor him for a shark charity.  How annoying is that? I thought everyone would love me! It's a good job that Sub-Mission Dive Club and Bans and some other great dive centre's are keen to help me and my friends.

This issue was made even more real when I spent the afternoon helping Katy to phone around and get media coverage for tomorrows swim. I was astounded that she has had such a hard time trying to get the local radio and papers to cover a shark event! Shocker! Not a good day today, but I'm glad that I've got friends like Katy & Darren.

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