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Shop work, filling cylinders & grocery shopping


Thursday -  I have had an excellent day with Darren and Katy from Sub-Mission Dive Centre today. They put me in charge of filling cylinders, sorting the equipment logistics and loading the van! Phew! Then, this afternoon, I was also put to work serving customers. I must admit I was a hit with Sub-Mission's regular divers and customers, especially the ladies. I even managed to persuade many of the customers to purchase one of the Fourth Element charity T-shirts for the Fin4Finning event.  

After we closed the Dive Centre for the day, I had to go with Darren and Katy to do their weekly grocery shopping. The first thing that I insisted on was checking out the supermarkets policy on shark products. Reassured that no such products were sold, I managed to make friends with the supermarket staff! Katy and Darren were able to get on with their shopping whilst I checked out the yummy fish on the fish counter.

Excellent day!

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