Finn Kitesurfing to the Kenyan shores

Whatta a blast! My new attempt to reach the Kenyan shores is a success!

Finn Kitesurfing to the Kenyan shores

Exhausted after two days of intensive swimming, a friendly kite surfer took me on a ride and helped me reach my destination in style.

My friends Bruce, Mark and Sander from Buccaneer Diving were all anxiously awaiting my arrival and were really pleased to see me.

They have planned lots of activities and are keeping my calendar very busy for the weekend! With a visit to Haller Wildlife Park (a quarry wasteland rehabilitated into an ecological paradise), shark petition signatures to collect, a "Sea Through the Looking Glass" workshop (a project funded by Project AWARE) the weekend promises to be great fun!

Expect a new update from me again soon but for now cheerio!

With Love From Kenya, Finn.