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Finn at Haller Wildlife Park


Buccaneer Diving spoiled me with a trip to Haller Nature Park, a reclaimed mining quarry in Mombasa that now acts as an animal sanctuary.

Haller Park, in Bambury, Mombasa on the Kenyan Coast, is based on the principle that Economy and Ecology should be in unison. It holds a variety of plant and animal species which serve as a recreation and education hot spot to tourists and locals.

At Haller Park, I enjoyed being around the giant tortoises, kissing a giraffe, watching the hippos, being scared of the crocodiles, playing with monkeys, checking on the progress of the park's fish farm and reforestation developments, providing my seal of approval at the mangrove bio-filtration project ...

However, I did manage to get up to some mischief as well by ignoring some of the signs and going for climbs in the trees and bamboo vegetation! Oops!

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