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Dive 4 Debris


Today's Dive 4 Debris was at a more unique dive site - Punta Cana Resort Lagoon.

A freshwater site in the middle of an eco-reserve reached by walking 10 minutes through the forest in full scuba kit ... this conservation activity was for only the truly committed!

As well as enjoying a refreshing (in more ways than 1!) change to warm sea diving,  our participants today collected all the plastic rubbish that had been discarded in or near the water. 

It is sad that debris ends up in this serene inland lagoon, especially as the environmentally-conscious Punta Cana Resort has installed 2 recycling bins right at the jetty.

Conversely, it it great that 4 Simple Green's Course Directors gave up their 1 day off to support this conservation event. True role models!

If you would like to join our next clean up dive, please contact the Simple Green team via our facebook page:


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