Dive against debris

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Dive against debris

Trip 101 on the 27th of October

I will be getting everybody involved in a reef debris clean up during the whole trip....and for a few more trips after that also.....

As the SimilanIslands will be opening their doors once more to hundreds of divers this season, I see the first few trips as an ideal oportunity to remove old nets, lines and whatever else we find from the closed diving season.

Also its a great place to offer reef awarness and coral conservation courses on a regular basis.

Let the season begin....


Hi there everyone...Just got

Hi there everyone...
Just got back from our first trip out this season on Manta Queen II with Khaolak Scuba Adventures.
The boat was spick and span all ready to go with more or less the same crew as last year.
We had 17 clients onboard and after our general boat briefing I introduced myself and informed everyone of our intentions, what is Project aware and what is to dive against debris.
Overall the trip was a success with good participation and after ten dives we had collected two large black bin liners full of nets, ropes and plastic.
We started in Ko Bon and was pleased to the see that the closed season had been good to the corals as we found little or debris at all.Full marks there.....
After Ko Bon we moved to Tachai find it to be amazing condition, but still a few long lines and old netting was recovered.
Richelieu Rock was as spectacular as ever but I did see fish with hooks and line trailing from their mouth.
The Boon Sung wreck is popular place for fishermen with fishing leftovers in quantity....we made a good effort and removed a lot.

As this will be an ongoing thing as we do not expect to totally clean everything, but in general all the sites were in excellent condition, which is a good sign.

Looking forward to the next trip and our continuous effort to dive against debris.

2 years ago

That's awesome - glad your

That's awesome - glad your first trip was such a great success! Thankyou to everyone who took the plunge to Dive Against Debris :)

2 years ago