Mola Mola Diver Talk

Yesterday, June 6, I was conducting my famous Mola Mola Talk here at Blue Season Bali. As we are raising awareness and money for Project Aware's Finathon and our very own artifical reef project.

Mola Mola Diver Talk

All of our Divemaster Interns along with staff joined me and listened to the talk. 

I believe it was great fun for everybody and of course informative, too. The Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) is home to Bali or specifically to Nusa Penida and the high season approaching soon.

I believe it is crucial to inform divers about this amazing fish in order to have it come back each year from the depth of the indian ocean around Bali.

Join me next time I talk about the Mola Mola, book your specialty course and go diving with Blue Season Bali.