Cornish Waters - Second to None

I have just spent a week snorkelling among the amazing reefs and beaches on the Lizard, Cornwall, UK.  It has been amazing to see water with such clarity and variety of life, not to mention some of the friendliest folk I have ever met.

I have also seen less than enviting floating matter appear on near the shore at these amazing places, and have to say, it made me angry to see it.  I cannot see why such disregard for the ocean environment exists, all at the chance of a quick buck.  Surely it's time commercial shipping and leisure craft be held to task for their actions, and be legally bound to act responsibly.

Next visit will be Middle Beach at Studland, in Dorset.  Once again a very delicate area, and once again at the mercy of Shipping, primarily leisure craft this time.  Glad to be a part of a project that is trying to stop the abuse of our worlds oceans.