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Diving against Debris ~ What sunshine does on every Fun Dive



Whenever Sunshine Divers Instructors/ Dive Master`s go out Diving we always take along our "Project Aware" mesh bags incase we come across some debris.   On June 20th, 2012 brilliant Sunshine Instructors Olly & Dave came across some debris while diving one of Koh Tao`s beautiful Dive site`s.  At Chumphon Pinnacle they found mainly the evil Nylon Monofilament Fishing Net, which destroys the coral it rips up or gets caught on & the fish it catches "when they struggle to get out of it it tightens around the bodies more ending up in cutting them".   Like normal Sunshine Instructors always come prepared, Dave & Olly were fully equiped with the mesh bags for collecting & their Dive knives for aiding in the collecting even though they were only Fun Diving, "we all should help keep the enviroment clean by picking up trash both on land and under the water when ever anyone Fun Dives"
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