December clean-up dive Chalok Baan Kao

On 18th of December the DMT crew and some customers of Sunshine Divers with DMT Hagai as the Team leader organized a clean-up dive at Chalok Baan Kao near the Buddha Rock.

December clean-up dive Chalok Baan Kao

In total 15 people joined this special morning dive and they collected 35kg of debris! Luckily no entangled animals were found although lots of fishing nets, parts of fishing nets and plastic food wrapps were found. The unusual objects this time were masks, snorkel, weightbelt and even some weights! Almost looked liked they have to set up a missing diver search ;-), but luckily no such thing was needed. 

But again a 35kg of debris is a lot of debris so a very good job has been done! Thank you all that contributed to this December Clean-up dive!


Great stuff guys! Thanks so

Great stuff guys! Thanks so much for all your hard work during 2013 to keep the ocean clean and healthy :)

2 years ago