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Underwater Clean-up dive at Light House Bay Koh Tao - July 27, 2013


Thanks to Emma and Alex who co-ordinated the underwater clean-up dive for Sunshine Divers at Lighthouse Bay on Koh Tao this July 27th , 2013.  Along with volunteer guests, who participated in the clean-up Melo, Laura, Tiffan, Guillaume, Mylene, Javier and Diego several items were collected from this dive site, mostly bottles made of glass and plastic fragments.

The most unusual experience on this dive was that whilst trying to cut through a net that was stuck in the coral (obviously from fisherman) a scorpion fish that was trapped inside managed to escape in between the hands of two divers - yet no injury to the divers occurred and the scorpion fish survived.

Next clean-up meeting held on Koh Tao is on the 5th of August, where we discuss when and where the next Koh Tao underwater clean-up will take place.



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